Thursday, January 2, 2014

Macro Mania | Backwards Free-lensing with a 50mm

So, I was perusing the internet the other day and found out that you can use a 50mm to take macro photography if you turn it backwards!  I have always tried many different methods to take ring shots in the past because I do not have a macro lens.  I am so excited to try this method out at an actual shoot, but for now I've gone a little macro crazy in my yard!  I will warn you that you have no control over the aperture settings.  My advice is to crank up the ISO and slow the shutter to as slow as you can manage.  These were taken at ISO 1,000 [on my new camera! :)] Here are some shots using this method [the pullback shots are using the 50mm attached normally], so please ignore the weeds in my succulent garden...

And I also tried letting a little light leak in...
I'd love to see your images using this method!

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