Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Miller Time | Clayton, NC Pregnancy Announcement Photographer

There is definitely something in the water at my school.  The halls are quickly being filled with beautiful mommies-to-be, and my best teacher-friend and room neighbor announced last week that she is expecting too!  Earlier this summer we got together for a mini pregnancy announcement shoot.  Her last name is Miller, and at school we always joke around about "Miller Time."  Well, it's finally BABY Miller Time!  I hope you enjoy this super cute announcement complete with THREE adorable fur babies!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby J 9 Months | Clayton, NC Baby Photographer

I have really enjoyed keeping up with baby J's first year so far.  We are on month 9, and I have followed him since his mom's maternity photos.  Baby's First Year photos are quickly becoming my favorite type of session.  It is so much fun to watch a baby grow from a tiny newborn to a crawling or walking one year old!  Baby J and big sister are so cute, so I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! [I also included a little fun flashback at the end!]
I thought I'd throw these in just for fun... This family sure has changed since we first met. [not even a year ago!]

Sunday, August 24, 2014

H + C 3 Month Twins | Chapel Hill, NC Baby Photographer

Three months is such a fun age to capture.  They are don't really lie still, but they can't quite sit up either.  They express themselves through wiggles and the most adorable little faces you've ever seen.  I'm so happy to start "baby's first year" with these adorable twins.  Here is just a small sneak peek into our shoot.  Keep an eye out, because the next time you see them they will probably be sitting up and crawling!  We'll be watching these sweethearts grow for the next few months, so enjoy this little peek at three months...
He was a little shy, and definitely knew when the camera was around, so this smile was a sneaky capture!
 "best friends indeed"