Wednesday, August 21, 2013

K + E Engagment Session | Smithfield, NC Photographer

As a photographer, I am constantly aware of the weather conditions.  So when I realized that there might be storms last weekend, I was immediately in contact with my bride-to-be.  She was so enthusiastic about the shoot, so as I stood at my front door, in the pouring rain, camera gear in hand, I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was the first time a client said "let's go for it" when it was raining!  I was unsure when I left my house, but I am SO glad we went for it!  This couple [and their furry counterparts] were so fun! We had to change the location slightly in order to find some shelter, we got exposed to some not-so-kid-friendly graffiti, AND my car broke down, so it was definitely an adventure!  Even in the chaos, these two kept it cool [and I am going to go ahead and point out my obsession with her hair...AMAZING.] I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek!

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