Saturday, May 25, 2013

Knutson Maternity Sneak Peek | Raleigh, NC Photographer Yates Mill

I am really far behind in my sneak peeks, but I'm super excited to share these with you.  I LOVE the Knutson family!  I've taken their photos for a long time, and they've been with me since I first started as a photographer.  I've loved watching them grow as a family, and also watching their little daughter grow since the last time I did maternity photos for them :).  We went back to Yates Mill for these photos to re-live some of the photos from their first maternity session.  We met some weather and sickness obstacles, but we ended up getting everything done!  Enjoy the peek!
 We re-posed this photo from our first maternity session...
 And because they are awesome, we re-posed another way ;) haha

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